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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> ama: part of an officer-involved shooting caught on video in a vallejo neighborhood. >> alan: police say they shot the robbery suspect because he was armed. >> ama: an armed robbery suspect is dead as we said. after a chase as well as a crash. this is happening in vallejo. they said he had just robbed a convenience store. sergio quintana is live.
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>> reporter: in fact this is just where the whole incident basically wrapped up, and you can see there are members of the vallejo police department here. a few second ago there was members of the crime scene investigations unit that was collecting evidence. police tell us a man driving a jeep cherokee crashed near here and then took off on not. witnesses say officers noticed he had a gun and then opened fire. this is cell phone individual wrote from a witness. several shots are fired during the intense confrontation. right now police are telling us they ordered the gunman to drop his weapon and surrender. they say he did not and instead pointed his gun in the direction of officers so the fired, hitting him several times. sheriff deputies started at the case in solano county after the first call of an armed robbery this morning. then vallejo city officers joined. in the suspect crashed the jeep cherokee he was driving. then hopped out and tried to
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steep -- escape on foot. >> when they had people in place they brought in two officers, came in that i noticed, from the offices side of the street, and there are two other officers over here on the side, and they came in through our backyard. there were several shots fired. >> reporter: this is an incident that started at a convenience store this morning. police are not giving many details as to exactly what happened there, but they did say that the suspect pointed a gun at the person at the convenience store, and that is what triggered the entire chase. we also are being told that the jeep cherokee that was crashed in this area, was stolen earlier as well. so, there's actually stale whole lot of details police are working out. we are told there are two police officers who are now on administrative leave, which is standard procedure when there is an officer-involved shooting. again, still plenty of details
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to work out. so we're going to start working on that and get you more coming up at 6:00. reporting live in vallejo. sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> alan: at this hour, 49ers rookie defensive end aldon smith is recovering from stab wounds he suffered at a house party in san jose. smith is the number seven pick last year, suffered minor injuries injuries and expected to recover. sheriff's department says deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call at 2:00 a.m. two gunshot victims transported to the hospital. 49er team officials say they're aware of the incident. >> san jose police are investigating a deadly stabbing after officers found a man bleeding in a parking lot. it happened last night on winchester boulevard. no arrests have been made. this is san jose's 20th 20th homicide of the year. >> friends and family of a man who disappeared after a giants
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game are searching lan and sea for him even though the official search has been called off. victor morrillo was last scene on pier 4 2. here's the latest on the search effort. >> it has been a very unfortunate day for people who are hoping that a lot more would happen. it's been several false alarms. this morning a body, someone reported seeing a body in the water but that turned out to be a buoy, and someone else said they saw a blue sweater near the pier, which is where victor disappeared. coast guard officials went out and couldn't find a thing. >> we're looking for our friend. think he fell in the bay last monday. >> victor is still missing and his friends and family are trying to keep hope alive. >> we want to bring him home and bring closure to the whole situation, and we're not going to stop until we find him. >> the 27-year-old vanished monday night after the giants-dodgers game. he was last seen standing next
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to this white structure when he suddenly disappeared. now a missing poster is in the spot and those who know him guest are getting desperate, because standing on the pier where he vanished is painful. >> we have been out there passing out fliers, every establish independent this area. now we're going in the water. >> late today, six people searched the bay in kayaks. the checked between pillars and rocks and another group went to the boats and scanned the water from angel island the ballpark. >> but four hours in and nothing. the lack of any sign is taking its toll. >> a very important person to me, and it's just better for me, and feels better for me to be out here doing something rather than sit around.
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>> even though victor more relo was in shake, he didn't know how to swim. >> it would be quite some time but you could get out. temperature of the water being so cold, and who knows what. >> the coast guard officially called off the search on tuesday. volunteer searchers will resume tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: on the east coast tonight, more than three million people are spending the night without power after storms ripped through that area. steven port e portnoy has the latest. >> the sirens went off, and so then we backed up to the kitchen and about that time, boom. >> the fierce winds raced across 12 states, and topped 90 miles-per-hour in some places. >> got very black and very windy, and my roof was rocking.
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>> very vicious storm came through the area, and high winds snapped a pine tree, which fell on a tent that was occupied by two young boys, age two and seven. they were both killed in the incident. >> everything was blowing around here. anything that's not nailed down to the ground was up and moving. >> hurricane force winds knocked down powerlines, trapping drivers in cars. >> there were gigantic towering powerlines and poles leaning over hamilton road, and you could see it from a mile distance, and looked like something out of a stephen king movie. >> millions of residents on the eastern seaboard are without power no air conditioning, and temperatures in the 100's. >> 85% of the state of west virginia is out of power right now. >> states of emergency were declared in wbc, -- washington, dc,. >> alan: in colorado, the flames
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are 30% contained in the waldo canyon fire but now there's a chance of thunderstorms and lightning, which which could trigger more fires so evacuations continue. >> i'm leaving my house for probably the last time. oh, my god. the smoke in the air is so bad. >> nicole frye felt the need to document her evacuation. she made it out of the fire zone safely. >> started going up the hill, would have been the easiest way out, and i just needed to have some footage to show what i saw and the devastation that everybody went through when they were evacuated. >> alan: the waldo canyon fire has been burning for more than a week, and more than 17,000 acres have been destroyed. >> a number of new laws go into effect starting tomorrow, from bullies to babies. ahead, look of some of the new laws designed to better protect us. >> alan: now available for a limited time, foie gras.
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restaurants are h serving it one last time before the ban gains. >> leigh: a delightful day across the bay area. more clouds and fog moving inland. clouds tomorrow. we'l
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>> ama: corrosion -- contra costa county is looking for illegal marijuana growers after a large crop was found. deputies held an intense search for suspects near oakley. you can see how dangerous it was for them because of the thick brush and poor visibility.
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>> alan: ant ice cream shop nearly escapes injury after a car came crashing through the front window of the ice cream shop. the bass skins robbins ice scream shop in concord. it happened at 8:30 this morning at a shopping center on oak grove road. a 7 #-year-old woman accidentally put her car in drive instead of reverse. one employee was pinned behind the ice cream counter but only suffered minor injuries. the driver was not hurt. >> ama: yitzhak sham -- shamir has died. his term was marked by the palestinian uprising in the 1991 gulf war when iraq fired 49 scud missiles at israel. sham mr. never trusted the palestinians and did not believe israel should trade land for peace. he was 96 years old.
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>> alan: bay area restaurants say goodbye to foie gras. >> a bunch of new state laws go on the books, from bullies to babies. >> alan: temperatures will be warming up on the fourth of july. leigh glaser coming up with the forecast.
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>> ama: a number of new state laws go into effect tomorrow, including requiring insurance policies to require maternal conk, and two laws on bully, another expands the definition of bulling to include harassment
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on social media sites and requires training for school replyees, and starting tomorrow, car dealers must mark vehicles with bright red warning stickers if they're listed in the national motor vehicle title database as junk, salvage, or flooded. >> the state law that has received most attention is the ban on foie gras. some of the video may make you uncomfortable. in just about seven hours, midnight tonight it will be illegal to make or sell toy gra in california. many restaurants are serving special foie gras creations tonight. it's made by force-feeding animals as seen in this video. the ban is a result of this investigation, into flow graw. we'll have a live report on the final hours for foie gras at 6:00. >> alan: apparently more people are replacing their alarm clocks witch their smart phones and
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that's why we have this, it's -- the new lairm clock app and you can download it to your iphone. set it for the time you want to get up and when the alarm goes off you can get a special wakeup call from the weather team or choose your own alarm. the app displays the local headlines, weather, and traffic alerts, so you'll have all the information you need before you walk out the deer. the new abc 7 news alarm clock app is free and available now at the app store, just search for abc-7 news, san francisco alarm. >> ama: a great way to do it. wake up and get your weather, and then we head to leigh glaser and see how the extended forecast is looking. >> leigh: a terrific day today. this is a live shot from the high definition mt. tamalpais and you can see the low clouds and fog over the bay. live doppler 7hd showing you the low cloudiness that is starting to bank up near the coast. a strong westerly wind component
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and that will move fur their inland overnight. here's a look at current readings for you. a delightful afternoon. still running a little below where we should be this time of year but we have 83 in fairfield, 82 antioch, livermore, 78. half moon bay, a little sun this afternoon, warming to 63. we have 76 right now in san jose. here's a look at our highlights. get you through at least the next three to five days. low cloud overnight. also going to bring in local drizzle. mainly the bay as well as the coast. start off with clouds tomorrow, coastside, bring in sunshine inland tomorrow, and then don't look for a lot of changes heading through at least the middle part of the work week. next week, sunny and mild temperatures expected. you can see on the closeup satellite here the low clouds and fog racing ahead of this trough of low pressure back here. so all of this will be moving in overnight tonight. we're going to pinpoint down
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towards accept santa clara, gret american fireworks this evening at 9:30. and we're going to have clear skies for those fireworks. temperatures, 62 to 59 degrees. you will have a westerly wind up to about 20 miles-per-hour. so, we'll got the fireworks in before the low clouds start to move inland, and it will overnight tonight. temperatures generally in the 50s. bring in coastal drizzle, too. tomorrow morning, you'll noise the low clouds and fog, and remember, it's all because of this elongated area of low pressure, trough we call it, and it is just pushing on in our direction, and as it does so, the marine layer will thicken up a bit. the westerly winds will begin to pick up overnight tonight as well. and any of the low cloudiness off the coast will move towards the bay area tonight and early tomorrow morning. in fact, here's a look at the timing for tomorrow. we'll start off 7:00 a.m. with nse overcast across much of the bay area. mist and drizzle coast side, and
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then all of this will start to back off near the coast, around lunchtime. tomorrow afternoon, much like today, 60s near the coast and low 80s interior east bay. tomorrow, 72 for fremont. 77, san jose. san francisco, 66. north bay, santa rosa, 80. east bay, antioch, 82. 82, gilroy. 74, watsonville. a look ahead right on into the fourth of july forecast. a little cooler as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday, but still very, very mild for this time of year so enjoy. >> alan: shu is back from sun tanning. >> mike: the first saturday of women -- wimbledon, no better way to spend the a
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huckabee dusty baker and the redses ended the giants scoreless inning. today, barry zito on the hill. and don't fear the beard. fear the bride. we all do that. mat latos striking out seven, including melky cabrera in the first. barry zito went six innings but walked six, including this bases loaded situation that scores a run. reds get insurance in the seventh. cairo wings in cossart.
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then latos strikes out theriot to win the game. reds win their second straight. 2-1 the final. >> definitely finding the strike zone more than we're used to seeing, and he had it out there the whole time, and couldn't get to him, except in the ninth a little bit there. just have to tip your hat and good out and try to focus on tomorrow. >> of you're a tennis fan no better way to spend a day than the first saturday at wimbledon. some great matches and ladies first. a windy day at the all-england club for serena william and ji. then one of her 23 aces. third set, tied at 7. the return is wide. serena pumped up. now match point. serena gets her racket on it. fought off six break shots to advance. >> the last american male to win
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a major, andy roddick. match point for fer are moving on, facing del proto. >> andy murray looking to become the first brit to win at wimbledon for years. on match point, the shot goes long. murray wins it in four sets. >> the 99th tour de france started today with the four-mile individual trial trials. 'fabian cancellara wins the prologue, and starts tomorrow stage one with the yellow jersey and. >> let's tee it up at the at&t. overnight a storm -- a few members followed tiger woods.
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a great chip in here six. then bottom hole. tied for 11 to 2-under. brendan dejonge is the current leader. third around of the senior players championship, kenny perry with the shot of the day on the par-3 17th. a couple of bounces and nothing but net. hole-in-one. 367 on the -- 3-under 67 on the day. catholic catholic -- calcavecchia finishes the day tied atop the leader board. >> at 6:00. a's and rangers in texas. see you then. >> ama: a little baby bison is causing a big buzz. we'll look at what makes him so
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00, the soggy mess in oakland as not one but two water main breaks cause an outage for thousands of customers. >> the talking toilets that could help save your life. join us for abc-7 news at 6:00. i know you're intrigued. lamb -- >> alan: white buffaloes don't come along every day and only count for one in ten million live births and are considered sacred by several american indians tribes. >> an official ceremony will


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